28 September 2011

Lots of music

Sting news is that a boxed set of his lifes work is coming out as he turns 60! and seven of my productions are included and one co written song. Very exciting. The songs are A Thousand Years/Brand New Day/Desert Rose/Ghost Story/Send Your Love/Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)/Whenever I Say Your Name(Ft Mary J Blige). Other news is Adrian Slade is preparing to do her video for One and and Only Boy in LA next week This is a song I produced and wrote and features great performances by New York jazz trio Tri-Fi. All done live at British Grove along with another 4 songs.
Jamie Abbott album is finally tweaked (just one more thing!) and sounds massive. Again great live performances from rhythm section Jeremy Stacey (Noel Gallagher, Sheryl Crow) MArk Neary (The Hours) and myself and Jamie on the rest. Will put some new music up soon. Kip X

19 September 2011

Back to School and new exercise book

I love my kids starting a new term as it feels like I can start afresh as well. New chords, logic template, fresh relaxed mind open to new possibilities. Setting up a label called Extenso Music Unlimited first artists will be Slow Readers and Milly Winter. Adrian Slade ep was mastered on Friday and she wll shoot her 1st video in LA this month for One and Only Boy. Jamie Abbotts half an album also mastered at Lowlands by Nigel and he has a launch gig on 20th October at the Bedford. I’m hoping to play some keys. Have a great week. Kip x

27 July 2011

Adrian Slade at Biritish Grove Studios

Our second day of recording at British Grove Studios for Seattle artist Adrian Slade. Brilliant sound and vibes from jazz band Tr-Fi, as well as horn section. String section to be recorded this evening. Two down, two to go. Beautiful sounds, beautiful people. Love it

24 March 2011

mix mix mixing

Long days working on the great new album by The Slow Readers Club. Gret fun and it is beginning to sound aweeeeesomeeee!! JAmie Abbott album still at early stages but we are recording 3 days next week
which should have all the guitars and keyboards finished on the first five songs. and the sun is shining

17 March 2011

Jamie Abbott and Slow Readers

2 projects on at the same time which is exciting. We recorded drums and bass on Jamies album this week with Jeremy Stacey (Sheryl Crow/Finn Bros) and MArk Neary (The Hours/Roddy Frame). They sounded fantastic and have brought the songs to a new level, we are very excited. Currently preparing Slow Readers album for mixing which is sounding great and will be doing that all next week. LIfe is hard and sweet.