24 March 2011

mix mix mixing

Long days working on the great new album by The Slow Readers Club. Gret fun and it is beginning to sound aweeeeesomeeee!! JAmie Abbott album still at early stages but we are recording 3 days next week
which should have all the guitars and keyboards finished on the first five songs. and the sun is shining

17 March 2011

Jamie Abbott and Slow Readers

2 projects on at the same time which is exciting. We recorded drums and bass on Jamies album this week with Jeremy Stacey (Sheryl Crow/Finn Bros) and MArk Neary (The Hours/Roddy Frame). They sounded fantastic and have brought the songs to a new level, we are very excited. Currently preparing Slow Readers album for mixing which is sounding great and will be doing that all next week. LIfe is hard and sweet.

8 March 2011

Songs songs production and skiing

At last I have started the Jamie Abbott album. We are very excited to have some of my favourite musicians playing on it and Grammy engineer Cameron Craig
recording and mixing. We are workng on 10 songs out of the 25 that we have worked on for te past 6 months and will be doing a visual blog as we go, watch this space. I have been writing more songs with Pete and Ellie Bellotte for Next of Kin, Rhys and Australian star Troy (in new John Cleese movie) plus a beautiful new tune called “All THese Small Things” Some of my tunes from Chris Botti album Night Sessions have been used on various US TV programs ad have been included in a compilation CD for the Vatican!!! Intresting for me as a humanist, but thanks to God for arranging that!! Oh yea, Just been skiing in Villars Switzerland, which was aaaaawwweeeesome as the americans say!! Big life Kip