14 February 2011

Where I am at on Valentines day.

Lots happening, too much to mention but here are some highlights. writing for 13 year old Rhys Yeomans http://www.billyelliotthemusical.com/explore/cast/billy/rhys-yeomans.php
Essex band “Next Of Kin” are recording tracks for album in conjunction with Yamaha and BlueStar Entertainment
We have been writing songs with strong English themes which will give this band a unique twist. New Artist in development Jack Durtnall has just graduated from Oxford with a 1st in music and his unique take on 60′s rock is very exciting and has caught the ear of the legendary Tony Swain at Universal who is partnering me in this project
Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet has been writing with me for a new album due to be released this year
Milly Winter has just released her albumette that I produced http://www.millywinter.com/9.html
I am halfway through recording an album with manchester band “The Slow Readers Club” who are in the Editors and Intepole niche.
A great band due for summer release http://www.theslowreadersclub.co.uk/
I better go and do something rather than write about it!!! Happy Valantines