25 January 2011

Drums, bass and guitar live, a new concept.

Currently in the studio with The Slow Readers Club cutting back tracks on our 4th of the day, greeeeat fun. Alt Rock!! New song written called All These Small Things is my fav of the year.
Happy days Kip

17 January 2011

Writing writing writing…

In a very creative and energised space at the moment. Currently 4 new songs in development with great 3 brother band “Next Of Kin” which are very exciting. Finally we should begin work on the very exciting Jamie Abbott album in February as well as working with fantastic new blues rock artist Jack Durtnall who is very special indeed. Jess Greenaways management are talking with the labels so I’m optimistic that they will all flip over her and our song “Cant Get Through” which is a smash!!! Milly Winter is gigging with her band and all her tracks are now available on iTunes at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/smaller/id407838784. Smaller and Going Under are my favourites. Next week I begin an album with The Slow Readers Club from Manchester. Mark Neary is engineering and we are going to “ROCK OUT” Everything louder than everything else as Jimi Hendrix once said!!! See you soon. I wil be posting tracks up on Soundcloud soon so watch this space. Kip X