30 November 2010

It’s Snowing and here are some exciting links.

Check out an Album I produced earlier this year for Australian band Atlanta Morey available on iTunes @ http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/falling-boxes/id348357695
Also a great new indie artist Milly Winter is releasing a song a week for 6 weeks on iTunes here is a link to the latest one of three. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/rainbow/id406341056.
A very exciting showcase is happening on Friday with a great band called Next Of Kin who I will be producing as a joint venture with Yamaha and Aura Entertainment we all hope. Please write in
and tell me your thoughts on any of the above music. Thanks Kip in the snow

12 November 2010

Great week

Developing a great new project with a fantastic band called Next Of Kin. Three brothers who play and sing amazingly. Bass drums and guitars. They’ve been around over 10 years but still the oldest is 27 going down to 23. We are going to make some great music that YOU wil hear next year. Wrote a great new song this week for a 13 year old artist in development whos name I cannot mention! Sumudu officially released her album at a Cafe Nero sponsered event in Fulham which was a great night. My old friend and super hero producer and writer Bill Padleigh was there and oh how we laffed and cried and laffed again!!

8 November 2010

Writing songs, Sting Live in Berlin and more

I have been writing with Pete and Ellie Belotte. (Pete of Donna Summer and Georgio Moroder fame) We have just finished a great song for a new amazing artist called Jess Greenfield, a voice of such power and depth you want to hug your mum!!! Its called Can’t Get Through and Jess is finishing the vocals at my place on Wednesday this week. There have been some rave reviews of the show I did in Napoli 2 weeks ago with Chis Botti, Sumudu, Lydia Kavina, Fabrizio Ferri and Gil Goldstein. It really was an amazing event at the gorgeous San Carlo Theatre with the house Orchestra and a 100 piece choir. We performed 14 pieces that included 2 songs that I co wrote, one with Sting. Sting is releasing a live from Berlin record that includes a brand new version of my song 1000 years. It is to be released at the end of this month on the Deutsche Grammophon (Universal) label. Also a co written song with Chris Botti appears on a compilation album in Italy that is being released exclusively in the Vatican City!! Mily Winter tracks have been mastered and as soon as I get information as to where you can buy them from I will post that up. Sumudu is showcasing her album that I produced on Wednesday to an invited only audience which I’m very excited about. Time to sleep, night. Kip X