28 October 2010

Been busy so have not blogged. Need to learn to multi-task in that department!! however

In brief in the last 5 weeks my wife and I have had our 3rd child (Art Newton) I played in and put together a band for a fantastic show in Naples at the San Carlo theatre
featuring Chris Botti, Sumudu, Andrea Griminelli, Roberto Comminatti and Lydia Kavina and legend Gil Goldstein conducting. It was a huge event with and 80 piece Orchestra, 2 Choirs and an electric band,
I’l post some photos. Writing songs for a young artist who is appearing in a west end show at the moment which is secret right now, but you will hear about it, very exciting. Just mixing tracks for a new artist called Milly Winter and planning to work with Manchester band The Slow Book Readers Club before christmas. I better go!! Be well Kip