8 September 2010

Making Music with Abby Scott and Chris Eaton

Having a great time working with legendary songwriter Chris Eaton on Abby Scotts debut album. This week we are putting the finishing touches, fairy dust if you like plus re doing vocals and programming a song from scratch. Grammy winning engineer Dom Morley is with us at my studio and next week Sean Mcghee and MIke Westergaard will be mixing the tracks, remotely and we will communicate via skype!! Very science fiction!! I am going to sleep right now. Best for now Kip

2 September 2010

Holiday Over

3 weeks until baby number 3 arrives. Lots of music to work on and finish. We begin recording jamie Abbotts album this month and finishing tracks for Jess Greenaway. I am preparing for an amazing concert in Naples at The San Carlo, Italy’s oldest functioning opera house, reopens after a two-year, €67m (£57m) restoration project in which 300 workers buffed up the stucco, gold leaf and drapes, added new rehearsal rooms and installed a hi-tech stage set. I will be the musical director and right hand man to Fabrizio Ferri, the visionary and composer of the evenings music. I am also scheduled to begin working with a great new artist in October called Milly Winters. Sumudus album is released and is called Waiting For You and she is gigging all over the country to promote it. Check out Sumudu.com for news and dates, the album sounds exquisite.