25 June 2010

Great live recording day

I think we may be onto something. Get a group of great musicians together to play a beautiful song live, dont do any editing, no vocal comping and then its simply ready to mix. This is what I did with Mike Lindups new “Song For Zane”, how delightfully refreshing and quick. Very happy indeed. Working with new artist Jessica next week from the band Herbalise, amazing voice, looking forward to it. Best for now Kip

17 June 2010

Belgrade or bust

The mixes of The Relics are finished. We are off to party. Home tomorrow and then chilled weekend ready to work with Mike Lindup next week. We are re-doing vocals on two tracks MAdness and Angelo and cutting a new track on Thursday. Looking forward to it. I ‘m going now to get drunk and sleep. Ciao X

15 June 2010

Belgrade is as hot as a Kettle!!!

3JM5GZRXYT4D// Luckily we are in an airconditioned studio as it is 39 degrees outside. We are about finish the 7th track of 10 for Misa and the Relics, I say we and I mean me and my friend and super engineer Mark Neary. We are in Pink Studios out here which is only £180 pounds a day for a great SSL mix room, dont quote me! Back in the UK on Saturday then next week working with Mike Lindup to finish his record ready for the Level 42 tour in October as well as cutting a new track. Jamie Abbott is writing more great songs and we are planning a co-write day with my fav songwriter in the world Judie Tzuke the week after next. Have a great day. Best Kip

8 June 2010

Back from holiday and refreshed

3JM5GZRXYT4D. Sting opened his Symphonicity tour last week to rave reviews, with our co-written song as the opener to the show A Thousand Years. I finished writing a new song with Jamie Abbott and Pete and Ellie Bellotte today and it sounds rockin, when we finish the demo I will soundcloud it. Currently doing some remote mixing with Serbian artist Misa Relic. Mark Neary is the great creative engineer driving the board and I travel out on Sunday for the last week. Just downloaded dropbox onto my iPhone, what an app, check it out if you need to move files around computers. I am going to sleep now. Night