30 April 2010

Apple Store Success and Resolution Magazine Interview

My G-Tech Apple masterclass was such great fun. A great turnout of musos, Sting fans and even some Kipper fans, asking loads of great questions and listening with focus and attention when Phil and I played songs and spoke about our work flow. Yesterday I was interviewed by George Shilling for Resolution Magazine which should appear in the next couple of months with cover shot by Mike Banks who will also put up a video of the interview on RecordProduction.com. It was great to be at Steve Williams Chapel studios with his mouth watering SSL duality, I intend to do more work there, especially mixing as it is such a great room. Last night I went to see LA Roux, supported by Jamie Woon and I Blame Coco. It was a great evening especially as I am a big fan of Jamie. This site is evolving so please check it regularly for new pages and information. Have a good bank holiday weekend. Kip

27 April 2010

Loving the weather and the new music the summer is bringing

Remember if you are in town I will be at the Apple Store from 3pm with Phil Taylor playing some tunes and talking through the way I work on logic. This will include my own version of A Thousand Years the song I wrote with Sting. For more inf check out http://www.sting.com/news/news.php?uid=6421. I am actually there as an Ambassador for G-Tech drives and I have a page on their site so if you would like to check that out it is http://www.g-technology.eu/kipper.php I am also doing an interview down at the fantastic Chapel Studios in Wimbledon owned by my good friend Steve Williams. We are both being filmed talking to Mike Banks for his web site RecordProduction.com so I will keep you posted when that goes live. I have been working on some sketches for Andrea Griminelli the classical flautist including a great version of the Joni Mitchell song Both Sides Now. We are hoping to start his album mid June. Sadly Valeriya’s tour was affected by last weeks grounded flights so we have had to postpone her recording until later in the month as she has to make up the dates. PLease keep in touch and send me any music I may love!! Best for now Kip. 3JM5GZRXYT4D

21 April 2010

The skies are filling up again, I loved the lack of jet stream!

Gorgeous day and about to start work with Jonny Walker, will keep you posted. A reminder about the apple event I am hosting on the 27th April at the Regents Street store. It starts at 3pm and is advertised on Stings web site: http://www.sting.com/news/news.php?uid=6421 I attended a special event at Goodwood House with intimate performances by Lucie Silvas and Foy Vance. Lucie was excellent and I have known her and her music but I was a Foy virgin and he completely blew me away. I have bought everything he has recorded, just check out “Shed A Little Light” from the album Hope. Sting begins his Orchestral tour soon and the opening song of the show is A Thousand Years the song I co wrote and produced. I am honoured and pleased about that obviously. I am booked to go into George Martins studio Air Lyndhurst in 2 weeks to record strings and band for Valeriya and then we go to Mark Knopflers studio British Grove to mix that same week. I am hoping to do a web edit of Sumudus album just to give you a little taster once mastered. I will be updating the music on my site soon, I promise!! Have a good. Best Kip

14 April 2010

The flute, Apple store and mastering!!

I love the feeling of finishing a project when the files are on the way to the mastering engineer, it’s a kind of Hamlet moment for me even though I dont smoke! But Sumudus album is finished after 4 months of intense and fun music making. I had a call today from one of the greatest living flautists Andrea Griminelli today, asking if I would be interested in collaborating on a new album for him. He was always requested by Pavarotti and in fact played at his funeral, so this could be a great opportunity creatively. I am going to compile some ideas to seek out a possible direction. Zero 7 meets Sir James Galway perhaps! Dont forget the Apple Store Event on the 27th where I am presenting a seminar on my work flow. The official wording is Apple Made-On-A-Mac Masterclass with Grammy-award winning producer Kipper & producer/musician Phil Taylor Regents Street, London, Tuesday 27th April, 3 – 5pm Entry: free.Grammy-award winning producer Kipper will take attendees through an entertaining journey explaining how he works creatively with Logic Pro to create music for artists such as Sting and James Morrison. The masterclass opens with a performance of the Sting track ’1000 Years’, co-written and produced by Kipper, with the creative journey explained using the original recordings and including never-heard content discarded in the creative process (including a recording by the London Symphony Orchestra). Other topics covered include composing for filmmaking in Logic, internet recording, remixing and backup. Try and come. Best for now Kip

7 April 2010

Music Music Music

Last day of mixing Sumudus album tomorrow, and how beautiful she sounds. I am meeting with a very interesting musician next week called Jonny Walker about making an album with him. The Valeriya project continues to taunt me and we are hoping to finally start her album in May. Dominic Miller had his 50th birthday party last week down the 606 which was great fun. The whole Sting touring family was down, so great to all connect again. Sting sang Shape of My Heart and Every Breath You Take Level 42 also played as did the blessing and Yolander Charles’s band The Deep MO who are my favourite outfit of the moment. Yo has asked me to work on her album with her which I am so excited about. The aim is to finish it in August and get it for October when she goes out opening for Level 42. I am also hoping to finish Mike Lindups Albumette ready for the tour as well. I also did a seminar in Glasgow last week in the Apple Store. Great fun playing some tunes with my old One NAtion bandmate Phil Taylor. We are doing it again on the 27th April at the Regets Street Apple Store so look out for details. I will be deconstructing A Thousand Years, the song I co wrote with Sting as well as performing a unique version of it. Be well. Kip