8 October 2009

A Beautiful Autumnal Day

so it was time to finally up date my page. Currently locked away in my studio with a great new artist from Australia called Atlanta Morey. We are making some great music, fusing sequencers with rock guitars and funky drums, just wait and hear. Lots of projects are finished, Esther Alexanders album The Long Way Home is now released and we are doing some gigs as a band starting at The Bedford on December 1st, check out her site www.estheralexander.com . Also Portland the band I mixed at Lower Barn are receiving great press and radio support and are on Bob Harris in session this Saturday on Radio 2 check out www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00n6v9l. I am about to start mixing the album for Misa Relic which has been ongoing and is now ready to put to bed, it is sounding awesome!! A new artist to check out who I am planning to start work with soon is Ewing. This guy has it, say no more, check out www.myspace.com/ewingsmusic. The Holly Rubenstein project is gaining momentum with lots of industry interest and many gigs coming up so keep an eye on www.myspace.com/hollyrubenstein. Mike Lindup of Level 42 fame is also about to do a soft release of his EP that I produced earlier in the year, so that just needs a bit of mastering, I will let you know about that asap.