5 July 2007

New Horizons

Please excuse the delay between my news, life is very full on, which is great. I have just finished writing 4 new songs for a TV Docu/Drama about Princess Diana due out in September.
I have also just started work on a very exciting project that fuses film, pop and opera music, dance, and acting to an amazing story about “Soul” and the human spirit. It is written and to be directed by photographer
extoadinaire Fabrizio Ferri and will feature appearances by huge stars soon to be announced.
The Joy Rose Ep, Molly Moocow album and the Esther Alexander Albumette are all available on iTunes now, so please check them out. See links on my site elsewhere and a podcast by Esther talking and performing. The competition to win 5 “This is Different” albums is now running on Sting.com. Please visit it is taking a little time to get it on iTunes. Thats it for now and keep enjoying music, love and life, and get some sleep for me if you can!!!

My best Kipper