1 March 2007

USA trip and new music

I am currently in the good ol’ US of A travelling coast to coast. I have been to New York for A&R meetings then up to Chicago to work and hang out with my good friend and writer extroadinaire Richard Marx then down to Nashville and now in LA staying with Jeff Young of Steely Dan and Jackson Brown fame, now this man can play the Hammond!! I lunched with Julia Fordham at Shutters on the beach and visited legendary producer Bob Clearmountain and his wife Betty, what a treat and sat in on a mix session for a new Bruce Springsteen DVD.
I am mastering the Esther Alexander Albumette next week so watch out for details on how to get that, and also finishing 2 songs with new artist Julian Perretta.
Big Life Kipper Xx
Check out Secondhand Serenade on Myspace, great singer and writer.