28 April 2016

Back from Theatre world

Just finished 3 months working on a performance piece with Jane Horrocks a brilliant band and 4 dancers. It was at the Young Vic Theatre SE1 and had some rave reviews and was sold out nearly every night of around 48 shows.
Here is a link to a review of the show


7 April 2015

Skiing to Songwriting

Just back from a ski trip in the Italian Alps and today was the first day writing new material for Connie Talbots next album.
I’m using my new system in full now. All in the box with Apogee and Logic X, smooth and super quick.David Kollers album is just released in the Czech Republic please see preview teaser

plus a preview track from Connie Talbots in progress album

I hope all is good and peaceful in your world. Love Kip

25 February 2013

LA Grammys and writing and The Brits

Just back from Los Angeles. A whirlwind 10 days that included writing 4 new songs 1 with Aerosmith sideman Russ Irwin and 3 with soon to be star Marielle Jaffe. I have a song on hold with Adam Lambert and Sting played me some new songs for the musical he is currently writing which sounded fantastic. My dear friend Chris Botti won a grammy for best pop instrumental album, so a great hang with him. I came back to begin work on a super interesting project with singer/actor Jane Horrocks and the Dr Jain Wells Luminosity 1 project has gone to press. Launch event details to follow. I celebrated my dear lady wife’s birthday on Wednesday at THe Brits which was top fun, too much of everything. Muse were the best act without a doubt. 1 below zero love Kip x

14 January 2013


I have been summing up 2012 in my head and here are a few keywords, artists and projectsthat come up for me. Fun, free, Ewing, Connie Talbot, Sting anthology. King Of Thailand, Marielle Jaffe, Dagny,
gorgeous gals, Dr Jain Wells, Jazz Morley, Sennheiser Masters of Sound, Aimee, Brian Hanlon, Mixing on headphones, mastering, Pete Bellotte, Donna Summer. M U S I C, I stil love the process of creation. Hoping 2013 is good for us all and that we are good to it!!! Kip x

4 October 2011

Much music.

A week of writing and meetings. Jonny Walker down yesterday and I’m looking forward to mixing our song we wrote together called Song For Bernie. Mike Lindup is planning a new album which is a very interesting concept that we may record in Thailand or London. Jamie Abbott is playing a gig at the Bedford on 20th October which I am playing keys on which will be great and The Slow Readers Club have made it onto playlist at the new Q radio as they should. Writing tomorrow with the super talented Rich Craker tomorrow at Lower Barn. Off to Berlin next week to present prizes for the G Tech competition that I have been a judge on. Meeting with Vintage Trouble at the end of the month which excites me!